C+J 2-Year Anniversary


2 years and 1 day ago I married this really great guy. We married on a Friday afternoon on the Outer Banks of North Carolina under a beautiful lighthouse, about 10 hours after Prince William and Kate said “I do” in London. We were blessed with amazing weather and 45 of our family and closest friends surrounding us. At our casual, beach house reception we had our photographer take funny photos, ate key-lime cupcakes, and we danced the night away. For us, it was perfect.

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Have a sentimental week.

This weekend has been a very sentimental one for me, and I get the vague sense that I have yet to see the end of it.

My weekend began on Friday afternoon with A and I hunched over her laptop in a coffee house playing with blog site appearances and layouts. Then we did it, we pulled the trigger … if you didn’t notice in the address bar above we are officially {undertheoaksblog.com}. We celebrated with a simple high-five that turned a particular someone emotional. In my typical response to such things, I laughed it off … but in all seriousness it was an exciting moment that genuinely warmed my heart. A and I are slowly, but surely, learning the art of blogging and it has been fun to have a good friend to learn it with and to share special moments like tears and laughter in a coffee shop. <== Sentimental Moment numero uno Continue reading

1970s Mayline Drafting Table

Happy Thursday! I’m really excited to share this amazing new addition to my office! Here was my dilemma the past year or so: We finished the office and I was able to make the room my own. At first, I wanted the room to be everything: crafting room, library, sewing room, office, and walk-in closet.

Under the Oaks Blog : Have a productive week.Before.

From this picture you can see the library, crafting table in the left corner, wedding to-d0 list on the dry-erase board, sewing box, craft supplies, and part of the desk. Way too much going on. I had no room which left it abandoned most days because I wasn’t able to find any inspiration when I walked in the door. It made me feel lost because it needed so much more organization and I didn’t know where to begin. I have been working to streamline the office to be a place of only a few hobbies but it wasn’t until I picked up the drafting table that I felt I was getting closer to that goal.

When I first saw the post on Facebook for a free “drafting table” I was just expecting a large table top for both JZ and I to have space to work. The desk we had before would barely fit my laptop, a notebook, supplies, and some magazines. I replied and was able to pick the beast up a few days later! With a little love and some work, the beast is now gorgeous! I especially love the little surprise of it lighting up. Just that fact inspires me. I have so many ideas of how I’m going to use it for painting and drawing. I can’t wait to get started!

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