Valentine’s Date Night Faves

Under the Oaks blog: Valentine's Date Night Faves #fashion #beauty #jewelry #KateSpade #JCrew #Forever21 #Smashbox #Essie #LOFT

I’m not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day since I believe every date night should be special and an opportunity to reconnect with each other. Plus, you shouldn’t have to wait for special occasions to tell those you love that you love them! However, I am a big fan of the traditional Valentine’s Day colors, red & every shade of red. So here are my picks on adding a bit of traditional color to your Valentine’s Day celebration, in a sophisticated way.

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Bucket List Updates… Almost there!

Under the Oaks blog: Bucket List Updates... Almost There!

Annie’s Bucket List Updates…

1. Get healthy and stay healthy. We are probably about 85% Paleo. I know that’s not great and we are trying for 100% but we just started AND we have been really awesome at only buying paleo at the grocery store. The other 15% is usually at other people’s houses or out at happy hour. Fitness however is lacking… seriously lacking. If you read my post on Tuesday, you know I’m thinking about this. Yoga has to happen soon!

2. Become financially stable or something quite close. Next week we will be paying off our Discover card only to transfer 4 low balance, high interest cards and partial of another! Our transfer is 0% for over a year so we are saving a ton of money and time consolidating. One of my 3 student loans is almost paid off and Jason’s one student loan is pretty close too. We are closer to the halfway point of being “bad debt free” (we will still have car and house payments to make) and it’s almost nerve-racking. We’ve been working this past year to pay down our debt so much that it never felt like we were never going to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s starting to get brighter!

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Quick ‘n Easy (Peasy) Nail Routine

Under the Oaks blog: Crystal's Quick 'n Easy (Peasy) Nail Routine

A couple of weeks ago I dedicated an entire Saturday to pampering … massage, pedicure, manicure … a day of relaxation. However, on that very day I made a decision: no more manicures outside of my home.

I had complete buyers remorse. In the past couple of years I have perfected my Sunday night nail routine and anyone else’s work on my nails dulls in comparison. I’ve also perfected it to half an hour with no smudging after the top coat. Two things happened immediately after leaving the spa:

  1. I smudged my big toe in the grocery store, because I am a clutz
  2. The nail polish on my hand nails bubbled and lost their shine … I ended up taking off the polish two hours later and repainting at home

Was it the product? Possibly. I won’t call anyone out here, but the reasons above were the reasons why I stopped using a particular brand (if you are one who gets frequent manicures I’m sure you can guess which brand I’m speaking of). I won’t deny that I’m not a nail polish snob. I’ve simply spent too much money and spent too much time waiting for my nails to dry only to smudge them three hours later.

Why is my particular nail routine such a big deal to me? Because I feel like this is one beauty process I’ve perfected that I won’t have to abandon with a busy work schedule or busy family schedule. It’s one beauty regimen that doesn’t take too much energy or effort that makes me feel beautiful. Call me vain? Nah, call me happy and content. Continue reading