2013 Reflections + Bucket List Recaps

Under the Oaks blog: 2013 Reflections + Bucket List Recaps(photo via)


Aside from having the most vacations in one year, 2013 was pretty calm for me and Jason. Unfortunately, my family lost its most important person, my grandma, in May so the year has been a bittersweet one. Right now I’m feeling very thankful for all of the blessings in my life, especially having my mom down here with all of us for Christmas. It felt a little more like home with her here. One of the greatest blessings of the year is that I didn’t get laid off! It has been a good year at work so I’m very thankful that I didn’t have to go through that again. This is also the first year that I’m able to say I’ve been at the same job the entire year. It feels so normal but when I think about how much I’ve gone through the past 10 years since being in NC, I realize it’s definitely abnormal. Either way, I’ll take it! And we are celebrating our first full calendar year of marriage! So much to be toasting to tonight.

As for the bucket list…

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Have a spectacular week.

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I’m having some mixed feeling about this upcoming week. On one hand I’m so ready for a new year and what it will bring but I the other I’m totally not ready. Not ready in the sense that I haven’t planned anything out which isn’t like me. I usually have a list of resolutions and a game plan of how I’ll tackle them in the first few months of the year before I make my birthday list. I haven’t reflected on the changes in the past year and thought of what I can do differently to make the upcoming year better. But instead of freaking out and trying to cram all that planning into these last few days, I’m going to sit back and be thankful that 2013 has been a year of very little change and lots of blessings. I think most years I don’t feel content with how my year is ending but not this year. 2013 is ending correctly for me. It’s not perfect or what I had planned out at the end of last year but it’s pretty darn good and I’m happy with it and I’m beginning to realize that’s way more important than planning and executing your whole life.

So as this week begins, I plan to have no plan for 2014 and coast right on in. It might just be the best decision I’ve made all year!

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life lately under the oaks

Under the Oaks blog: life lately under the oaks

Happy Holidays! Hope you had a really beautiful Christmas and are gearing up for one heck of a New Years Eve! Of course our sporadic posts this week are because we’ve both been focused on our families and our nests this week as we take in a little vacation time but I wanted to share a little of what’s been going on in my life lately, aside from the craziness that is December!

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