Have a strategic week.

strategicIn my Have a Week posts, I talk a lot about prepping for the week ahead, starting fresh, and approaching the week with new eyes. It’s definitely a strategy that works for me to help me make the most of my time at work and my limited time at home on weeknights. I often wonder if “right timing” really is something that comes about organically; the stars and planets align and the universe is in it’s right state. Or if all the things we do in our lives, whether we intentionally do them as preparation towards a goal, make the right timing happen. Normally, I lean toward the latter, the idea that we make our own destiny, but this week I’m hoping for a stars-and-planets-align scenario. Regardless of which side you rest on, let’s all take our destiny into our own hands this week and, make it fun. I see some vacation planning during my week!

— Annie

Favorite Foods of Wisconsin

Under the Oaks: Favorite Foods of WisconsinHappy Thursday, friends!

I hope you got to catch up on photos from my Wisconsin trip in Tuesday’s post. Today I’m going to share with you some of my favorite foods of Wisconsin. When traveling back to the ‘ole stomping ground, I always look forward to the food. Wisconsin is known for its cheese and beer, but there is so much more to this country’s Dairy State. These eateries are just a few of my favorite. Continue reading

On Wisconsin!

Under the Oaks : On Wisconsin!Last week I shared with you all that I was in Northern Wisconsin resting up. Where we were was in a small town called Park Falls where my husband’s family has a modest cabin overlooking the 124-acre Lake Le Tourneau. We had a few obstacles (no cell reception, broken water pipes, broken fridge), but we mostly had a lot of relaxing fun. We explored Downtown Park Falls, canoed, sat on the pier and enjoyed 70-degree weather and beautiful lake views, fished, made fires for s’mores, and ate some good food (check back Thursday for that post). It was really nice to disconnect from our normally busy lives.

While we aren’t huge fans of Wisconsin in the winter time, we do enjoy all that summer has to offer (well most of what summer has to offer minus the state bird = mosquitos). Here are a few photos from our time in Wisconsin. Continue reading