Pick 6: H&M Fall Fashion Essentials


A few days ago I decided to shop for some quality maternity clothes after realizing that most of my non-maternity clothes were just not working anymore. I went to H+M and, after sorting through some mismatched styles and sizes, found a pair of black cropped pants that have quickly become one of my favorite articles of clothing. I have found some awesome additions to my wardrobe courtesy of H+M but usually only go in if I have a lot of time to spend since I often have to do some searching. I decided to check out what they had online and came up with my six fall essentials from H+M.

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Money Saving Apps

Under the Oaks : Money Saving AppsHappy Tax Day [as said in the most unexcited tone]. Good news, I finished my taxes shortly after completing Sunday’s post. Bad news, my bank account and it’s owner feel equally sad.

I take pride in my ability to be thrifty in absolutely everything. When I put forth the effort to do so, I can really save some money. After this year’s taxing debacle I’m really going to make a true effort to make back that money via thriftiness.

I love my coupons, the hunt in a thrift store, and combining multiple saving opportunities together to make one big saving [i.e. manufacturer coupons, store coupons, store discount card, etc.]. In fact, I probably could start a series on here all about saving money and would never run out of new ideas. Recently I was introduced to a couple of money saving apps that I’ve really been intrigued by. Continue reading

Sunday Brunch: Parker and Otis

Under the Oaks blog: Sunday Brunch: Parker and Otis #durham

As mentioned in Sunday’s post, we had an amazing weekend last week and we rounded it out by enjoying Sunday brunch at Parker and Otis in Durham’s historic Brightleaf Square. We’d initially selected it because we’d hoped the weather would be nice and we could eat outside. Alas, the weather was crap and we ate inside, but fear not, we had a blast.

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