Have a productive week.


This has been the coldest week yet this winter in the good ol’ south and it is hard to stay motivated. We are under a winter weather advisory now that has schools on a 2-hour delay. Friday was pretty crazy with all the ice we saw but it was nice to have some winter weather for a few days. I can’t believe it’s the end of January though and that means spring is just around the corner… or at least that’s what I keep telling myself. To get me through the next few months, I will be working on my “Dead of Winter” to do list. Just a few things I [should] have time for while hibernating. Some items on that list are planning the garden, painting (both on canvas and around the house), and working on the house renovations.

Now that the wedding is over, JZ and I can finally focus on the ongoing project that is our home. JZ bought our house in 2008 with plans to renovate every room. Our “nest” is a three bedroom, one bath (originally 1.5, soon to be 2) fixer upper. It’s got great bones but needs some updates. We sat down yesterday and looked at the AutoCad drawing of what the new house footprint is supposed to be and it’s exciting to see that. One of the first projects that is almost near completion is my office, the smallest bedroom in the house that will probably be a baby’s room at some point. Above is one of my favorite reno photos I’ve taken so far. It represents the way the house is now and its possibilities. Here are some of the photos of the office reno.

Under the Oaks Blog : Have a productive week.

Looking into the office from the second bedroom.


After … 95% done

The closet got the most improvement in this room. The wall that each bedroom shares has their closets. We took the wall down to the studs and opened each closet up to have more space. JZ installed pocket doors to save even more space. The 5 panel door in the above photo is the new door. All our interior doors will be replaced with those. I love the style and I think it gives the room much more character. The only things left to do in the office is put up crown molding, replace the window, and finish painting and installing the hardware on the door.

Just before the wedding we tore out our incredibly small half path and opened it up to our outdoor storage area that housed our washer and dryer. We had to go outside and go in this room every time to do laundry. I was fed up. We had also bought a brand new front load w/d set and they were living in our dining room for several months. They had to go. That was a fun project but it’s half done so I won’t post any pictures of that just yet.

My plan this week is to get a schedule together of what we can work on with little to no money. House renos are expensive but there are several things that need to get done that don’t require a trip to the hardware store, like prep work or organizing. Even if you’re not doing major renos, you can mix it up a bit. I rearrange furniture like it’s my job and I love it. Always gives a new perspective and doesn’t cost a dime. Hopefully by summer we can get some funds saved up to get a few more rooms closer to completion. I’ll keep you posted.

What project do you have going on to get you through the winter?


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