DIY: Coat Closet Makeover

Under the Oaks : DIY Coat Closet MakeoverYou know those scenes in cartoons where the character opens a closet, items come pouring out, and they quickly shut it and you see items sticking out from behind the bulging door? Welcome to my former coat closet.

Let’s be real, closets are usually the last items to be thought of or touched in a home because, well, they are behind closed doors. However, this feat was my January space to organize [see Bucket List]. I was able to complete the project in about an hour and was even able to make a trip to Goodwill [check another item off the ‘ol Bucket List]. The project entailed donating items that hadn’t been worn in years, organizing the items that we’d forgotten about or thought we’d lost, and creating space for future storage. Continue reading

I am… saying yes! {Bold. Brilliant. Beautiful. You.}

Under the Oaks blog: I am... saying yes! #BoldBrilliantBeautiful

This year started off very different for me. I am normally a detailed resolutions person but starting the year pregnant changed everything, as it should. I didn’t have my super long list of goals to accomplish, various tasks to finish (except baby related), and a clear picture of the person I’d love to become by the end of the year. I knew no matter how much I planned things would ultimately be much different than I expected so I didn’t really bother. After our miscarriage, I realized that I had been doing something different this year already, somewhat resolution-like, and somewhat subconsciously. I had been making an active gesture to say “YES” to things I’d normally find an excuse to say no to. Let me clarify before I go further: I don’t say no to everything! Actually, I tend to say yes to most things. But there are a few situations that I find myself in that I tend to say no to, for no reason, other than fear of… who knows?! This year I’m ready to conquer those fears and say yes!

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Have an inspiring week.

Under the Oaks blog: Have an inspiring week. #quote

Since this post is coming a day late, my topic today is slightly ironic. I have to admit that I’ve been feeling very uninspired lately. With a full-time, not creative day job and being super focused on my 5k training in my free time, it’s no surprised to me why my creativity has been suffering. It’s a challenge though because I really need creativity in my life, maybe not on a daily basis but on a very regular basis. So when I find myself in a rut I think about small things I can do to get back into it.

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