2015 Bucket Lists: 3 Month Checkup

2015BL 3 month checkup


1. Create a scrapbook / baby book for Carter. Before he was born, I bought all the supplies and started putting them together. Since then, we’ve tucked a few things in the book to be included like his stamped footprints cards from the flowers we received and written memories on cards to be included with the pictures when they are printed. I bought photo paper this past weekend so I’m planning on working on pics soon but I’m not sure the book will come together until we get a few more months into it.

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Weekly Rustlings

arcadeSince Carter was born, Jason and I have been really lucky to have family around to offer to watch him while we continue to have regular date nights. I have read so many places where this is so important in a marriage with kids, especially as new parents, so one of my goals was to make sure this happened. Last night, we had a really fun night trying new places downtown. I thought this would help make one of our first date nights after Carter extra special since we’re really familiar with most of what downtown Raleigh has to offer.

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