1970s Mayline Drafting Table

Happy Thursday! I’m really excited to share this amazing new addition to my office! Here was my dilemma the past year or so: We finished the office and I was able to make the room my own. At first, I wanted the room to be everything: crafting room, library, sewing room, office, and walk-in closet.

Under the Oaks Blog : Have a productive week.Before.

From this picture you can see the library, crafting table in the left corner, wedding to-d0 list on the dry-erase board, sewing box, craft supplies, and part of the desk. Way too much going on. I had no room which left it abandoned most days because I wasn’t able to find any inspiration when I walked in the door. It made me feel lost because it needed so much more organization and I didn’t know where to begin. I have been working to streamline the office to be a place of only a few hobbies but it wasn’t until I picked up the drafting table that I felt I was getting closer to that goal.

When I first saw the post on Facebook for a free “drafting table” I was just expecting a large table top for both JZ and I to have space to work. The desk we had before would barely fit my laptop, a notebook, supplies, and some magazines. I replied and was able to pick the beast up a few days later! With a little love and some work, the beast is now gorgeous! I especially love the little surprise of it lighting up. Just that fact inspires me. I have so many ideas of how I’m going to use it for painting and drawing. I can’t wait to get started!

20130425-083723.jpgIncredible what a little cleaning can do.
20130425-083748.jpgBefore with all the accessories still attached.
20130425-083407.jpgThe office now.


20130425-083323.jpgThinking about an inspiration board on this wall…
20130425-083527.jpgLights on…
20130425-083540.jpgLights off…
20130425-083615.jpgIt can light up the whole room.

This is a great reminder for me and anyone else who’s up for the challenge: keep your eyes open!! You never know where your next “purchase” will be! I took a chance on this and it paid off and all I spent was time…

Do you have any great additions like this? If so, I want to hear about it!

– A


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