Anniversary Number Two.

imageTwo years ago today, we were spending our first day as newlyweds with family and friends, unwinding from the whirlwind of festivities that the weekend held for us. Now, on the first day of our second full year as husband and wife, we have officially closed the first chapter of our life together as ONLY husband and wife. Looking back, it seems like we’ve been together for so long, and we have. We started dating a little over 7 years ago but marriage changed everything, in the best way possible. Some days I feel like we’ve had such a short time together and know I’m going to miss it just being the two of us but I know our lives will be filled with so much more love, both as individuals and as a couple, after Carter arrives.

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Have a blissfully wedded week.

Under the Oaks : Have a blissfully wedded week.

This week marks the third year of wedded bliss for my husband and I (and in August we will celebrate 10 years together, whoa!). We aren’t doing anything “big” to celebrate, other than enjoying each other’s company and celebrating a new year together. This year was a great year! We added to our family via our 4-legged buddy Frankie and we really found ways to show appreciation to one another, and enjoy our time together. While we are both in a dire need of a vacation (beach time in T-4 week), we’ve managed to not get sick of one another; success! Continue reading