C+J 2-Year Anniversary


2 years and 1 day ago I married this really great guy. We married on a Friday afternoon on the Outer Banks of North Carolina under a beautiful lighthouse, about 10 hours after Prince William and Kate said “I do” in London. We were blessed with amazing weather and 45 of our family and closest friends surrounding us. At our casual, beach house reception we had our photographer take funny photos, ate key-lime cupcakes, and we danced the night away. For us, it was perfect.

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Crystal’s Master Bedroom Reveal

Here it is! On Tuesday’s post I showed you my Master Bedroom Dresser Duo where I revealed how I made-over our old dressers, with the promise of revealing the whole project. The following set of pictures are the before pictures of our bedroom. My husband and I had some basic needs that were not being met in our old bedroom setting (outside of pure boredom). The majority of the furniture and design in our house has been based on no budget and little time, a lot of cheap or hand-me-down furniture, which to be fair isn’t a horrible thing. As my husband and I have matured in our relationship, so has our style. Continue reading

Home Inspiration: Gallery Wall

As I’ve mentioned before, our nest is a fixer upper. We have big plans for the whole house and especially for the living room, including moving the front door, installing patio doors, and making super useful built-ins in the dead space. Right after the wedding I was in desperate need for something to do on the weekends since my [own] wedding planning days were over. The first weekend with nothing to do the house got cleaned and every room that could be rearranged was. It made a huge impact on the layout of the living room and everyone who has walked into the house has commented on how much bigger the room feels. We have one of those odd shaped living rooms: long, a few dead space places, and the only empty wall broken up by the doorway to the rest of the house. Eventually we will be creating a much more thought-out space but for now we have to deal. Moving the furniture created a wide open wall behind the couch and it’s begging to be a gallery wall so I’ve been pinning like crazy for some inspiration. Here are my favs.

gallery3(image via)

This is probably my favorite overall. I think the wall I have is too big to place them so close together but the mismatching makes me incredibly happy.

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