Have an effortful week.

Under the Oaks blog : Have an effortful week.

Here’s to the end of September, to a month I’d honestly like another shot at quite frankly (birthday #2, okay!). With only three months left in the year it really is time to put forth a last-ditch effort to making it a great year if it’s been so-so, or making it a phenomenal year if it’s already been great. Continue reading

life lately under the oaks

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Seth Godin, Seth's Blog on Under the Oaks blog: life lately under the oaks

It was suggested for anyone wanting to be inspired on a daily basis to read Seth’s Blog. I signed up for his email updates after reading a few posts on the blog and I have been able to walk away from each email with another little piece of the puzzle, like this from his post Q&A : Poke the Box vs. meh:

The real work comes after the novelty wears off. This work creates value, because given control over our actions, most of us stall, float sideways or sabotage the work. Because it’s unsafe. How could it be any other way? Change is always risky, because change moves us from what we know to what we don’t.

Starting my day reading his inspiring words (mostly for business) has been a nice change of pace and a good charge to start my day motivated.

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Ocracoke Island + Portsmouth Island Recap!

Under the Oaks blog: Ocracoke Island + Portsmouth Island Recap!

Jason and I are settling in from a long weekend on Ocracoke Island, on the southern tip of the Outer Banks of NC. We were happy to spend the last weekend of the summer crashing my sister’s family vacation (as invited guests, of course). I pride myself on having visited many of the coastal towns on the NC Coast but there are still a few that I haven’t gotten to yet. I was able to check Ocracoke off the list of places I haven’t visited and add it to the list of places that will be visited as often as possible. It was a great little island and, even though it’s part of NC and touristy, it felt like such a destination vacation.

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