Have a harmonious week.


Hey y’all, welcome to February! I’ve decided that January is my least favorite month, and with Blue Monday falling on the 20th this year, I felt it. The days are long, cold, and everyone’s down attitudes are contagious. Not only that, but towards the end of January people discover whether or not they will keep on with their New Year’s Resolutions, or bucket lists in our case. While I haven’t struggled with mine, I have been struggling with finding and keeping harmony in my unbalanced life as of late. Continue reading

January Book Review : There’s More to Life Than This

Theres-More-To-Life-Than-This_cover-1-22(image via)

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been listening to Theresa Caputo’s There’s More to Life Than This (as read by Caputo herself) and I’ve been loving it. You may recognize the name from TLC’s Long Island Medium, or perhaps you recognize the bling, big hair, and obnoxiously long nails pictured above. While the cover of the book appears superficial, this is another classic tale of how “you can’t judge a book by its cover”.

In There’s More to Life Than This, Caputo writes about her life as a medium and how it all came about, shares tales of connecting with other’s loved ones who have passed, and learning to recognize every day signs that your loved ones are with you. For me, however, I got the most pleasure listening to Caputo speak of spirituality, every day blessings, and seeing the big picture. Not to sound as though I drank the koolaide, but it made me see life from a different angle, one of enlightenment and new perspective. Continue reading

2014 Bucket Lists

Under the Oaks blog: 2014 Bucket Lists

Our 2013 Bucket Lists taught us a lot throughout the year, like how our priorities can change over a short period of time, or how easy it can be to over-commit to a goal. Likely this year won’t be much different, every year is an opportunity to learn, grow, change, and do good, for yourself and for others. Continue reading