Annie’s Post-Baby Workout Plan

BURPEESI can’t believe I’m saying this but we will be at the hospital¬†tonight to be induced! I was diagnosed with mild preeclampsia this week and, since today we are at 37 weeks / full term, they decided that I am to be induced to prevent the condition from becoming worse. Thankfully, he is doing perfectly fine. It’s just a problem with mama!

When I was in for my appointment, I did ask the doctor if any of this could have been prevented if I hadn’t gained as much weight as I had. Her answer was a definitive “no”, which made me feel less guilty about how horrible I’ve been eating but also didn’t give me any comfort because it’s frustrating to know this is something I can’t help. Regardless of the preeclampsia, I gained entirely too much weight for my size. I’m so curious to see how big he will be and how much weight will come off immediately since a lot is actual water weight. I’ve been so antsy the past few months and have really missed my workouts and runs so I’ve been planning out my ideal workout routine and goals to help me get back into it!

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5K Progress Update + Fitbit Review

Under the Oaks blog: Annie's 5K Progress Updates + #Fitbit Review #running(photo via)

A little over a month ago, I scored the ultimate deal. A repackaged Fitbit Flex on sale for half off at Target. I was so excited and still am. I haven’t forgotten it one day since and it has become such a vital part of my daily routine that I can’t imagine working on a healthier life without it.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Fitbit Flex, it’s a small device that fits into an armband. The device tracks everything including steps, distance, calories burned based on your daily activities, and even your sleep. It also syncs easily with My Fitness Pal to track what you eat and how many calories you take in.

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2013 Reflections + Bucket List Recaps

Under the Oaks blog: 2013 Reflections + Bucket List Recaps(photo via)


Aside from having the most vacations in one year, 2013 was pretty calm for me and Jason. Unfortunately, my family lost its most important person, my grandma, in May so the year has been a bittersweet one. Right now I’m feeling very thankful for all of the blessings in my life, especially having my mom down here with all of us for Christmas. It felt a little more like home with her here. One of the greatest blessings of the year is that I didn’t get laid off! It has been a good year at work so I’m very thankful that I didn’t have to go through that again. This is also the first year that I’m able to say I’ve been at the same job the entire year. It feels so normal but when I think about how much I’ve gone through the past 10 years since being in NC, I realize it’s definitely abnormal. Either way, I’ll take it! And we are celebrating our first full calendar year of marriage! So much to be toasting to tonight.

As for the bucket list…

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