Weekly Rustlings

Right now, my house is quiet. The TV is on but turned down low enough that it’s barely there. Carter just went down for a nap. The dog and cats are sleeping. Jason is driving his parents and sister to the airport to head home. I could never thank my in-laws enough, especially my mother-in-law, for all of the help that they’ve given us this week but I never anticipated, nor knew I’d need, the more long-term gift they’ve given us that starts now: normalcy.

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Have a blue week.

sillystingIt has been a revealing weekend! Last night at our gender reveal party, Jason and I shared via silly string that we will be welcoming a SONĀ in February! We had a packed house (literally) with 30 of our closest friends and family and have woken up this morning with some amazing memories and the best feeling of how blessed we are. Now it’s almost crunch time!

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Have a motherly week.

Under the Oaks blog : Have a motherly week.
Happy Mother’s Day friends!

Happy Mother’s Day to you, your mothers, and your mother’s mothers. On this day may you be hyper-aware of all the mothers you know and the sacrifices and love they give at will with no limits on a daily basis, because let’s be honest … mothers should be celebrated every day. Am I right? Continue reading