August Book Review: Best Friends Forever

IMG_3110.JPGIn August I found myself deep in the pages of some good ‘ole chick lit; Jennifer Weiner’s Best Friends Forever. I’m not going to lie, every now and then I need to read something that plays out like a soap opera; I need to get lost in the incredible drama of someone else’s life. I also have a huge stack of books by Weiner that I purchased from a book sale that I’ve been meaning to read for awhile now [remember my trip to Sanford, yeah it has been that long]. Continue reading

life lately under the oaks

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Happy Friday! In one week I’m off to the beach and I couldn’t be more excited for a little Rest & Relaxation; my soul and sanity have been begging me for a little time away. Lately I’ve been connecting with mixed medias that are not necessarily new on the market, but new to me. This past month I’ve been all about things that uplift me, make me laugh, create a pep in my step, or force me to smile and think positively.

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Happy Easter! Have a joyful week.

Under the Oaks blog: Have a joyful week.

Every 11 years, Easter falls on my birthday. This year is one of those years. It also happened on my 18th birthday and will happen on my 40th. If things go as planned, this year will be pretty significant, a year of new beginnings, big achievements, and personal growth. Easter is my favorite holiday, especially when it happens on my birthday, so today is pretty epic in my book.

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