Pick 6: H&M Fall Fashion Essentials


A few days ago I decided to shop for some quality maternity clothes after realizing that most of my non-maternity clothes were just not working anymore. I went to H+M and, after sorting through some mismatched styles and sizes, found a pair of black cropped pants that have quickly become one of my favorite articles of clothing. I have found some awesome additions to my wardrobe courtesy of H+M but usually only go in if I have a lot of time to spend since I often have to do some searching. I decided to check out what they had online and came up with my six fall essentials from H+M.

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Pick 6: Grown-Up School Supplies

Under the Oaks blog: Pick 6: Grown-Up School Supplies #backtoschool #deskorganization #schoolsupplies

Back to school time was always one of my favorite experiences of the year. It’s like opening a new notebook, so many pages of possibilities! Plus, we got to go shopping for brand new supplies and clothes and what’s not to get excited about there? Just because I’m not in school anymore doesn’t mean that I don’t get that same feeling every time the weather starts to get a little bit colder and the first leaves start changing colors. You can feel the excitement in the air everywhere and it’s hard to ignore.

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