A Day Trip to New Bern

IMG_0606.JPGIn anticipation of Spring my husband and I took a weekend trip to New Bern, North Carolina a few weekends ago. This weekend it was 60 degrees and sunny; a perfect weekend to explore the quaint downtown of the original state capital. I’ve always been intrigued by New Bern because this is where Nicholas Sparks lives and I was always absolutely sure that the town that has inspired so many love stories must be a wonderful place to visit. Indeed it was. Don’t have a whole weekend, how about just a day? Continue reading

Happy April! 10 Reasons Why It’s Our Fave

Under the Oaks blog: 10 Reasons Why April's Our FaveHere, Under the Oaks, we are welcoming April with open arms. Why? Since we are always learning more about each other (and how much we have in common), we both recently came to know that April is each of our favorite month! Continue reading

Paleo Updates + Finding Fitness Motivation

Under the Oaks blog: #Paleo Updates + Finding Fitness Motivation #madewithover

It has been almost three weeks since I wrote my Thinking About Paleo post and things have been interesting. First off, we finally got into that Farmer’s Market routine I’ve mentioned a few times before. I’m excited about this because it’s one of my favorite things to do around Raleigh. It sometimes can seem daunting because you have so many choices when you get there and you still have to do some price comparisons. I think it helps that Jason and I go together because we talk and plan out our meals as we are picking out veggies. It almost eliminates a step and gives us freedom to see what’s good and work around that. We hit up the State Farmer’s Market first, grocery and pantry second, which is usually Target, then Trader Joe’s, which brings me to my second point. We have a new go-to grocery store. I’m not really sure why this is such a big deal for us but it is.

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