Turning Thirty

turningthirtyIt is really strange how things just seem to work out sometimes. When I was very young, thirty seemed like forever away. I imagined I’d be married, have kids, and living a happy life somewhere warm. That was all I wanted. Then in high school and beyond, I pictured myself having a great career. I was looking for someone to settle down with but I kept pushing off the age at which I’d want to see myself completely settled down. As my 20s progressed, I became so lost searching for myself. Now, at 30, I realize all that searching pretty much lead me back to the start but after 10 years, I’m now less naive, more skeptical, happier, healthier, and feeling just as young as I felt in my 20s, if not younger some days!

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St. Patrick’s Day Desserts

irish desserts2As you all know from my previous posts fromĀ 2013 and 2014 that St. Patrick’s Day is a super special time of year for me as it’s always been a tradition celebrated with my late amazing Irish gramma. The food is always at the top of my list for must-haves for celebrating this holiday properly but the beer is a close second! The traditional Shepherd’s Pie, Beef and Guinness Stew, and Bangers and Mash are my faves and can be found in the Irish pubs around Raleigh. But what about dessert? I’ve never thought much about dessert because we always had shamrock cookies and that was just fine. This year, I’m finding traditional and updated traditional desserts that I’m dying to make! What’s your favorite? — Annie

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10 Things We’re Thankful For This Thanksgiving

thankfulHappy Thanksgiving Week! I’m sure everyone is thinking about the many things they are thankful for this holiday season. Many of those lists include the typical: friends, family, health. But what about the little things we’re thankful for on a daily basis? The things that get us from point A to point B in our lives but are so often overlooked. We’ve each put together our list of things we are thankful for that help get us through the day-to-day…

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