Happy April! 10 Reasons Why It’s Our Fave

Under the Oaks blog: 10 Reasons Why April's Our FaveHere, Under the Oaks, we are welcoming April with open arms. Why? Since we are always learning more about each other (and how much we have in common), we both recently came to know that April is each of our favorite month!

Annie’s reasons:

  • It’s my birthday month! And, even though it doesn’t happen every year, April sometimes holds my favorite holiday, Easter. This year, they happen to be on the same day, which means I get a coconut bunny cake, a long time Easter birthday tradition.
  • The weather basically flips it’s switch around the first of April here in NC. Last week, temps were in the 40s. This week, mostly 70s. Finally, I can start to thaw.
  • People are happier. I notice a lot of people come out of their cold-weather-induced comas to join the world again and smiles and kindness return, at least until the humidity starts!
  • I feel renewed. Windows get opened, house gets spring-cleaned, lawn mowers start up again, and the sunlight sticks around a lot longer. That first smell of fresh-cut grass is enough to shake off those winter blues and start planning the summer ahead.
  • The Farmer’s Market is the place to be. Our Farmer’s Market is open all year but it’s pretty barren in the winter. The variety of in-season fruits and veggies from now until the Fall adds so much to my diet and will help me eat even healthier than I have been. We could buy all of that at Trader Joe’s but the Farmer’s Market supports local farmers and saves us a ton of money. We’ve been able to walk away with more than enough fruits and veggies for the week for around $20. At the store it would cost anywhere from $30-40.

Crystal’s reasons:

  • April Fools Day! I love laughter and lighthearted pranks. If you haven’t played a prank yet today you can read and be inspired by these 27 Pranks via Buzzfeed.
  • It’s my anniversary month and this year my husband and I will celebrate year #3. What traditional gift should I be on the lookout for?
  • April is also a birthday month for my husband and I genuinely love celebrating birthdays. I really enjoy the hunt and thrill of that perfect gift, the cake baking, and putting my all into making someone feel special. And because I happen to love my husband the most I especially enjoy celebrating his birthday.
  • I love the French word for April = Avril (but I am not an Avril Lavigne fan, go figure).
  • Similar to Annie, I also enjoy April for increased produce availability at the Farmer’s Market, but more important the Farmer’s Market returns to Downtown Raleigh on April 30th which is a block from my office. There is nothing better than getting away from the office to pick up some fresh produce, newly cut flowers, and a little sunlight. Let the countdown begin!

What do you look forward to this April?


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