Morning Glory Muffins

IMG_0593.JPGFor the past three weeks I’ve been getting my work out in at work (February Bucket List item). I’m not going to lie, I’ve enjoyed it! I started out the month going to the gym in the last hour of work, I then switched to early mornings and have figured out that I prefer getting up a little earlier in order to go to the gym. I just have to be more diligent about getting my bag packed at night, and in the mornings I have to figure out how to get better nutrition. I typically eat my breakfast when I get to work, but now I can’t eat until after my workout and because of this switch in my daily routine my stomach begins to grumble right as I walk through those office doors. Continue reading

Sunday Brunch: Parker and Otis

Under the Oaks blog: Sunday Brunch: Parker and Otis #durham

As mentioned in Sunday’s post, we had an amazing weekend last week and we rounded it out by enjoying Sunday brunch at Parker and Otis in Durham’s historic Brightleaf Square. We’d initially selected it because we’d hoped the weather would be nice and we could eat outside. Alas, the weather was crap and we ate inside, but fear not, we had a blast.

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Happy April! 10 Reasons Why It’s Our Fave

Under the Oaks blog: 10 Reasons Why April's Our FaveHere, Under the Oaks, we are welcoming April with open arms. Why? Since we are always learning more about each other (and how much we have in common), we both recently came to know that April is each of our favorite month! Continue reading