September is PCOS Awareness Month

Under the Oaks blog : September is PCOS Awareness Month
In Sunday’s post I’d mentioned how one thing I was going to spend time commemorating this week was PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome, because September just happens to be PCOS Awareness Month and I just happen to have incredible insight into this sad and frustrating disorder.

By basic definition PCOS is an endocrine, hormonal disorder. Different studies note varied numbers, but it is estimated that 10% of women, of reproductive age, are effected by this disorder. Why is this only an estimated number? The symptoms all too often are mistaken for other disorders, quite a few women avoid going to a doctor (or can’t afford so), and to be quite honest, a good number of doctors don’t actually know enough about PCOS to effectively diagnose and treat. Continue reading

Thinking about Paleo

Under the Oaks blog: Thinking about #Paleo(image via)

Jason and I have been really good about changing what we buy at the grocery store. We stock up on fruits and veggies (local and organic when we can), choosing organic chicken and 93% lean ground beef (non-organic for right now), organic dairy for sure, and cutting down on sugars, processed foods, and avoiding anything with high fructose corn syrup and several non-natural ingredients. I’m ready to start making my own sodas and ice creams to cut down on the amount of unnecessary sugars and additives, too. We feel better in general but not great… definitely not as great as we could be.

So I’ve been thinking about the paleo diet. After reading several of Danielle’s posts on paleo over at Breakfast at Toast, I’m checking more resources and planning next week’s menu around it. I am anticipating that cutting out the starches and alcohol will be the most difficult for us but we have already talked about cutting those back and believe it’s for the best. This isn’t to say that we won’t allow ourselves to eat foods on the “avoid” list every once in a while but it’s all about making smarter choices. Continue reading

Annie’s Bucket List Update


Beautiful spring flowers at Logan’s Trading Company in Raleigh.

Holy cow it’s April. Where the heck has the time gone?! I cannot believe the time has come for me to recap and update my bucket list. C and I came up with the idea that this week would be a good week to share the updates and revisit our goals since we are a quarter of the way through 2013 (omg!).

As some of you know, I typically do a birthday bucket list. Last year, on my personal blog, I posted my official “30 before 30” list switching it up a bit and allowing myself some more time to reach the more ambitious goals I laid out for myself. I will be updating and recapping that list on my personal blog over the next few weeks before I turn another year older so keep your eyes open for that. But in the beginning of the year, C and I both posted our bucket lists for 2013. I like to think of mine as a more condensed, focused version of the big list. I’m pretty proud and how far I’ve come so far. Take a look:

Continue reading