Weekly Rustlings

IMG_0737.JPGHas anyone ever heard of the term “struggle bus“? I hadn’t realized that only me, my nerdy colleagues, and everyone under the age of 20 were the only ones to use this term, until I used it to describe the state of my┬álife to some of my adult girl friends. The conversation went something like:

“Hey girl, hey! How’s life?”

“I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been riding that struggle bus and all I want to do is get off and walk.”


For the last two weekends I did just that, I got off the bus and I walked. Last weekend I spent┬átime with my family and explored the great city of Chicago. This weekend I slept in and made blueberry donuts. I walked the road less traveled, for me at least. I let that bus pass right on by my front door and I didn’t even bother to wave.

Take it easy this week! xoxo ‘n lols, crystal

Growing Up in Janesville Wisconsin


I (Crystal) grew up in a mid-size town in southern Wisconsin that goes by the name of Janesville. Have you heard of it? Maybe not, but if you have kudos to you! When asked I often say “Madison” because people can locate that pretty quickly on a map. After college it took me approximately 2 weeks to escape to this great City of Oaks, but Janesville will always be the place that I know as “home”. Maybe it is the way I say “bag” or my Midwest Nice demeanor, but I’ll always have a little bit of Wisconsin in me. Continue reading