Our Favorite Christmas Memories

On the Eve of Christmas, surrounded by the one[s] we love, it’s hard not to think about all of our cherished holiday memories together, new and old, good and bad, funny and serious.

Under the Oaks : Our Favorite Christmas Memories

Some of my greatest childhood holiday memories were about gifts, not just the ones I received, but the ones I gave. One year my aunt gave my sisters and I [all 4 of us] a big appliance box full of dress up clothes, shoes, makeup, accessories. I’m pretty sure there was never a gift that got as much use than that one; those were the days in which we were each others best playmates. A couple of years later I remembered receiving an American Girl from Santa, and from my Grandparents I received homemade doll clothes from my Grandma and a handmade doll bed from my grandpa. Even then I cared more about the love and devotion that went into those gifts than any other gift of monetary value; it has always inspired my gift giving.

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Festive Christmas Cocktails

Under the Oaks blog: Festive Christmas Cocktails(photo via)

If you haven’t done so yet, I highly suggest you hit up the liquor store today if you plan to have any type of holiday cocktails at your Christmas celebrations. Not sure what to get? Check out my suggestions below!

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