Morning Glory Muffins

IMG_0593.JPGFor the past three weeks I’ve been getting my work out in at work (February Bucket List item). I’m not going to lie, I’ve enjoyed it! I started out the month going to the gym in the last hour of work, I then switched to early mornings and have figured out that I prefer getting up a little earlier in order to go to the gym. I just have to be more diligent about getting my bag packed at night, and in the mornings I have to figure out how to get better nutrition. I typically eat my breakfast when I get to work, but now I can’t eat until after my workout and because of this switch in my daily routine my stomach begins to grumble right as I walk through those office doors. Continue reading

Weekly Rustlings

1This week, Carter turns 1 month! I’m slowly starting to feel like I have the hang of (some) things while I’m learning something new everyday also. This week I need to get into better habits, like waking up at a decent time, remembering to eat breakfast and lunch, and spending quality time with my to do list. I’m in the middle of taking the Blog Design Love class from A Beautiful Mess and LOVE it. Now, when I’m not working full time, I really want to spend my “free” time working on this class and other blog stuff because that’s what really makes me happy. I think this week it’s time to get back to that. Hope you remember what you love doing and get back to it this week! — Annie