Bucket List Updates… Almost there!

Under the Oaks blog: Bucket List Updates... Almost There!

Annie’s Bucket List Updates…

1. Get healthy and stay healthy. We are probably about 85% Paleo. I know that’s not great and we are trying for 100% but we just started AND we have been really awesome at only buying paleo at the grocery store. The other 15% is usually at other people’s houses or out at happy hour. Fitness however is lacking… seriously lacking. If you read my post on Tuesday, you know I’m thinking about this. Yoga has to happen soon!

2. Become financially stable or something quite close. Next week we will be paying off our Discover card only to transfer 4 low balance, high interest cards and partial of another! Our transfer is 0% for over a year so we are saving a ton of money and time consolidating. One of my 3 student loans is almost paid off and Jason’s one student loan is pretty close too. We are closer to the halfway point of being “bad debt free” (we will still have car and house payments to make) and it’s almost nerve-racking. We’ve been working this past year to pay down our debt so much that it never felt like we were never going to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s starting to get brighter!

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Bucket List Updates, 6 Months In … 6 Months to Go

7788737430_fca447d3fc_zOkay ladies and gents, 6 months have passed since we all began thinking about how we could optimize our selves and our time with resolutions and bucket lists galore for 2013. When was the last time you thought about that? 6 months ago?

Well, you’ve only got 6 months to go (crazy). Get back to it, don’t give up … let our imperfections, failures, and successes inspire you. To see our original buckets lists you can read Crystal’s here and Annie’s here. The last review we did was 3 months ago, read Crystal’s update and Annie’s update. Without further ado …

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Friday Surf Report: Annie’s Birthday Wishlist


(coral // mint // charleston // canon // imac)

So it’s my birthday tomorrow and this year I probably won’t be treating myself to a birthday present since we are trying to get our finances in order but that definitely doesn’t stop me from putting together my birthday wishlist. There are a lot of high dollar items on it because, well, it’s a wishlist and it’s my birthday and I can be over the top if I want to.

Per the usual, it includes some clothes because it is the start of spring and my closet [badly] needs an update. I’d love to infuse my closet with these amazing colorful dresses from Love21, Forever21’s more grown-up and professional side. My list also includes some “of the moment” needs and wants, like a beginner’s camera, something I can learn on. This Canon Rebel is a bit more automatic than I’d like but it’s at a decent price point. I’d like to get more creative with the pictures that I post here on the blog and I also have a lot of creative ideas brewing and I feel that a camera is my next must-have to nurture those ideas so they can flourish. Along the same lines, I’d love a 27″ iMac. Right now I have a small laptop but I have 2 screens at work and it’s hard to work on such a small screen when I get home. I don’t believe in paying full price for anything Apple so I’d have to find a hand-me-down or older version since they just came out with a new design. JZ and I desperately need a weekend away from Raleigh. We have never been to Charleston together and the weather is beautiful right now so I think it would be the perfect time to go. Whether we went to Charleston or not, we could always take a short break from life with a couples massage. We have been working to get some outdoor projects taken care of (more about this in a later post) and have gotten all the aches and pains that go with it. The last time and only time we ever did a massage together was on our honeymoon… 6 months ago. I think it’s time.

Do you have a birthday wishlist? What’s on it this year?