life lately under the oaks

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Media-wise, I’ve been keeping pretty entertained these days. I also think I might be turning into my mother. I’m in this strange place of transitioning from a young adult into a full on adult and that is weird, especially when I sat down to think about what has been my preferred media outlets lately …

.. listening ..

ramsey Whelp, I’ve been listening to Dave Ramsey’s Take Control of Your Money podcast. There, I said it. I literally can listen to Ramsey talk about finances and retirement funds all day. On the way to work and on the way home I listen to the King of Get Out of Debt talk money and I love it. He knows money and I want to retire someday, so I think listening to him might eventually help me know money? Yeah, we’ll go with that. If it makes the situation any better, a girl a year younger than me got me hooked, so that keeps me young and hip, right?

.. reading ..


About a year ago I reviewed Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. This past month I devoured Sharp Objects and Dark Places. A part of me is worried because I’m so into these gruesome mysteries, but they are sit-on-the-edge of your seat good. Just like Gone Girl I was up late finishing these mental novels. I had to vow not to read any more Flynn for awhile because they put me in a weird mental funk, but they were oh so good. I believe the film adaptation for Dark Places will be released in August, view the trailer here.

.. watching ..


Any Lost fans reading this? Are you also fans of Under the Dome? Under the Dome has been my latest binge watch, but it also makes me miss Lost a little bit that I might consider running back to Lost to reminisce for awhile. Same concept: a small grouping of people are trapped to a confined space, someone dies at least once a week, resources are dwindling, no one knows what made this mysterious dome appear, and magical things happen that wouldn’t happen in real life. I’ll say this here and now, though, if I find out at the end that they were all dead the entire time … Also, my husband and I toured the Under the Dome set last year in Wilmington and it is neat to see the set that we toured and touched in real life!

What have you been up to lately? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal

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