Have an eventful week.

IMG_3259.JPGBefore I get into the good stuff, can I just say how unbearably hot it is? Real talk: I’ve tried my best to avoid pants all day today because it is just hot and sticky and I wish I was near a pool, or the ocean. Either would do.

September is so fantastic in Raleigh, in my opinion, despite the late summer heat. 1) The season starts to change into Autumn which is my favorite season, 2) SPARKcon and 3) Hopscotch. Oh yeah and it is also my birthday month, but who’s paying attention? [I am, and my husband better be as well.] Continue reading

Linen Closet Refresh


What is the one space in your home that is a place that you probably haven’t touched in 7 years, is the smallest, and yet the most disorganized? For me that was our linen closet. Honestly, when I cleared out the space about 50% of the items cleaned out were donated. Sheets that no longer fit any beds in our house, or that had been handed down to us and never used, towels that were really kitchen towels, or master bathroom towels, etc. Just a bunch of random stuff that at one point we probably though, “Meh, why not here?” Continue reading