2014 Roundup: Raleigh + Travels

2014 RaleighTravel Roundup

In 2014, we had a good mix of travel out of state and local day trips. We spent a lot of time exploring new places in some of the larger towns around Raleigh, trying new restaurants, and exploring a little deeper than we have before. Outside the Triangle, we both had some bigger trips and share our thoughts and recommendations on Savannah, Wisconsin, Chicago, and Denver. Here are a few of our favorite Raleigh + Travel memories of 2014:

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Spend a Day in Durham

Under the Oaks : A Day in DurhamIt seems like such a shame that I make it to Durham so infrequently. It is only a 20-30 minute drive, there is so much to do and see [and eat], and my husband works out Durham’s historic American Tobacco District. I find myself so Raleigh focused, that I forget about Durham’s iniquities. Or I find myself in conversations with people who wonder, “what is there to do in Durham.” So much. In fact, I believe you can spend a whole day in Durham having a “bull” load of fun [meh, I tried].

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Durham Reviews: Vin Rouge French Bistro

Under the Oaks blog: Durham Reviews: Vin Rouge BistroAs part of our day in Durham that Crystal mentioned on Sunday, we made reservations at one of Durham’s gems, Vin Rouge French Bistro. I have heard amazing things so when Crystal mentioned it as one of our options, I jumped on it. I’ve been to some great, unique restaurants in Durham and that’s what I usually look for when choosing a place for dinner. Since we don’t get out there as often as I’d like, and don’t usually go to fancy dinners on the regular, I always try to pick the places that I believe it’s safe to say I won’t leave disappointed. Vin Rouge was definitely one of those places.

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