Traveling on a Budget: Saves and Splurges

Under the Oaks blog: Traveling on a Budget: Saves and SplurgesIt is only days before our trip to Denver to see one of my great friends tie the knot! It’s the classic “last week before vacation”. Things are super crazy at work for both Jason and I, we’re trying to tie up some loose ends at home before we leave, cramming in laundry, running the dog to his sitter and the cats to their sitter on opposite ends of the city the night before, packing, trying to get my running miles in (since I just signed up for my first 10K!!), planning our first few days away, and generally making an effort to not lose my mind!

In the midst of all of this, I have been trying to remind myself that traveling isn’t a free pass to let my routines fall by the waist-side. Eating habits, exercise routines, not sleeping in to noon, and sticking to a regular budget as best you can are all things that I have a difficult time sticking to when my responsibilities disappear on vacation. Since we are going away for so long, we have to be conscious of how we spend our money and time because 8 nights of eating out is expensive no matter where you are! So here’s a list of ideas I have for our trip to help us save a few bucks where we can to feel a little less guilty spending where we want.

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Have a blissfully wedded week.

Under the Oaks : Have a blissfully wedded week.

This week marks the third year of wedded bliss for my husband and I (and in August we will celebrate 10 years together, whoa!). We aren’t doing anything “big” to celebrate, other than enjoying each other’s company and celebrating a new year together. This year was a great year! We added to our family via our 4-legged buddy Frankie and we really found ways to show appreciation to one another, and enjoy our time together. While we are both in a dire need of a vacation (beach time in T-4 week), we’ve managed to not get sick of one another; success! Continue reading

Annie’s Renovation Reality: The Bedrooms

Under the Oaks blog: Renovation Reality: The Bedrooms #home #remodelAlmost a year ago, I wrote about the renovations we are doing to our house. I spoke about our hopes for last 4th of July weekend: building our deck. That actually still hasn’t happened but several other, more “important” (depending on who you ask!) tasks have been completed or are in the works!

We have 3 bedrooms and, after finishing the office, all of our storage got moved to the second (guest) bedroom where it lived for several months. The storage included all of Jason’s tools so a work space for small projects around the house was really nonexistent. The shed became high priority if anything else in the house was to get done. So we worked this winter to get that all done!

Under the Oaks blog: Renovation Reality: The Bedrooms #home #remodel #shedAfter cleaning out the second bedroom, Jason finished up the closet in there. The shared wall between the two small bedrooms is where each room’s closet is located. We had a chimney that was no longer in use so we opened up that wall, took out the chimney, and created more space for each closet. Pocket doors were installed for each, which is a huge space saver. He installed the ceiling fan, we painted, put up curtains, and moved our bedroom into our nice newly done room to start demo on the master suite. Although it’s not the master, the second bedroom is perfect for us and I love the warm color we put on the wall. I’m thinking about making that our new base color for the rest of the house!

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