Have a thrilling week.


Happy Sunday, friends! I hope you’ve been enjoying this beautiful fall weather and enjoying all things pumpkin. ‘Tis the most beautiful time of year!

Yesterday Annie and I spent the day exploring Chapel Thrill [aka Chapel Hill for those non-locals]. We can’t wait to share all that we explored [next week], but this week I’m focusing on the thrilling and exciting things the City of Oaks will have to offer in the coming weeks. Continue reading

Favorite Raleigh Coffee Shops

coffee2Monday, September 29th is National Coffee Day! Coffee is definitely one thing I really miss being pregnant but that doesn’t stop me from going into my favorite Raleigh coffee shops for the atmosphere, food, and an iced decaf beverage! I admit I am a bit of a coffee snob. I prefer drinking coffee, primarily espresso drinks, from local shops, not only because that’s supporting local, but because they actually know how to make a drink. I worked at that large coffee chain in my early 20s and enjoyed my time there. It’s a great company to work for but not a great company for their espresso drinks.

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