Favorite Raleigh Coffee Shops

coffee2Monday, September 29th is National Coffee Day! Coffee is definitely one thing I really miss being pregnant but that doesn’t stop me from going into my favorite Raleigh coffee shops for the atmosphere, food, and an iced decaf beverage! I admit I am a bit of a coffee snob. I prefer drinking coffee, primarily espresso drinks, from local shops, not only because that’s supporting local, but because they actually know how to make a drink. I worked at that large coffee chain in my early 20s and enjoyed my time there. It’s a great company to work for but not a great company for their espresso drinks.

A few years ago I was a barista at a local coffee shop and learned the ins and outs of making espresso drinks. This is something that big chain does not do because, in order to keep their consistency, their espresso machines are automated. It is both a pro and a con that local coffee shops use only manual machines because, while you might not get exactly what you expect every time because different baristas have different techniques, you will get a better quality cup of espresso. After going through training, I learned not only about espresso but also the importance of properly steaming milk. This has changed my life, no joke. Add in homemade syrups and a great espresso drink from a local coffee shop is what you have.

Raleigh has become an amazing coffee town and it’s been fun to try all the different places and get to know what makes them unique. Here’s my list of faves, in no particular order.

photoJubala Coffee – This is my favorite place to get my signature drink, an iced vanilla latte. I recommend ANY of their food, especially the Double Bruschetta sandwich.

Cafe de los Muertos – This place not only has amazing coffee from local roasters and great food from local vendors, but their shop is so cool. The atmosphere there is fun and funky. There’s so much to look at. It’s a great place to hang out!

Benelux Coffee – They make some ridiculous Belgian waffles that go great with their coffee. They also offer smoothies, which is  a plus for me, especially pregnant. They also have a cycling club that meets weekly and is open to all levels! A great way to get out and see Raleigh.

Joule Coffee – One of my favorite places to go after dinner for coffee and dessert, especially on date night!

What are you favorite coffee shops around Raleigh? — Annie


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