Have a streamlined week.

Under the Oaks blog: Have a streamlined week.

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This week is all about getting it together. I’m only a few weeks away from life sort-of returning back to normal. I ran my 5K yesterday (yay!!) and have my 10K coming up in less than 2 weeks (more about all that on Tuesday). Since training is coming to an end, this madness of a training schedule can finally incorporate strength training and fun classes (along with the running of course!) and life in general can as well, since I’ll have some more flexibility to take a night off from working out during the week to say “yes” to spur of the moment invites. I’ll also have more time to plan out a routine for blogging and growing that part of my life.

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Have a harmonious week.


Hey y’all, welcome to February! I’ve decided that January is my least favorite month, and with Blue Monday falling on the 20th this year, I felt it. The days are long, cold, and everyone’s down attitudes are contagious. Not only that, but towards the end of January people discover whether or not they will keep on with their New Year’s Resolutions, or bucket lists in our case. While I haven’t struggled with mine, I have been struggling with finding and keeping harmony in my unbalanced life as of late. Continue reading

Have a joyous week!

Under the Oaks blog : Have a joyous week

Happy Sunday y’all! I’ve been looking forward to this week unknowingly for about 18 months, knowingly 9 months. This week at work a project I’ve been working on goes “Live” and I feel as though I’m birthing a work baby. I won’t give any of the boring details, but I will say that it taught me a lot about teamwork and collaboration, as well as discovering my own courage, strengths, and limits. There aren’t many times in which I’d openly admit to being proud of myself, but this is one of those moments! Thankfully I’ll be able to take all this pride and lessons into the New Year, because in a couple of weeks I’ll be starting round two.

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