Have a renewed week.


There’s something about Easter Sunday that smells of renewal and fresh starts, figuratively and spiritually. If you are someone that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Happy Easter! If not … well, happy Sunday. I hope that whatever it is you believe, or wherever it is that you are, I hope the weather is as amazing as it is in the City of Oaks and that you can throw all your windows open and enjoy the smells and sounds of spring. Continue reading

A Healthier Breakfast

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Happy Easter week! This week has already been incredibly crazy but super fun so I’m really looking forward to the festivities this weekend. I’ve been putting together my grocery list for the weekend for the coconut cream pies and peanut butter Rice Krispie nests I’m planning to make. Another thing I’ve decided to do over the long weekend is make healthier grab-and-go breakfasts for JZ and I on workdays. After a post about simple breakfasts on one of my favorite blogs, I was dying to try some. There were a few bars, some egg dishes, and small bake and take options. I’m trying to stay between 300-350 calories for breakfast so since there is rarely nutritional info for recipes like this, I found this awesome tool to find all that.  Basically, it’s a recipe analyzer. Just enter (or copy and paste) the ingredients at the beginning of a recipe and it will give you the nutritional information. It’s as simple as that. You can also save all the info if you have an account.

Here are a few of my favorites after my search:

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Annie’s Natural Beauty Wishlist

For a few months now I’ve been thinking about revamping my skincare and makeup routine. I used to work at a natural and organic spa where I learned a ton of information about products and ingredients and taking care of your skin. I have been pretty good with the products I’ve bought but revert back to bad habits when cash is low and I’m in desperate need. Currently and unfortunately, Cetaphil is my face wash, mostly because I have heard amazing things about it from all different people, especially people with sensitive skin and I was out so I needed something. My skin really doesn’t like this wash. Did you know it has 3 different parabens in it? I didn’t realize that until this week when I read the label. I found the EWG’s Skin Deep cosmetics database that has some interesting information about various ingredients in cosmetics.

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