The Bucket Lists


1. Create a scrapbook / baby book for Carter. Like I’ve said before, I really want to get into scrapbooking. Last year it didn’t work out so well so this year I’m determined, especially because I want to create a unique baby book for Carter.

2. Make a new recipe at least once a month. We get into the habits of cooking the same thing over and over, all the while my Pinterest is filling up with new and exciting recipes! I must get on this.

3. Go paperless. I make sure we go paperless whenever possible, bills, receipts, newsletters, etc. But not everyone has that technology. This year, I hope to scan all of our bills and necessary receipts and keep them organized and OUT of my drawers at home. I do it all the time at work, why can’t I have the same habit at home?

4. Implement the 2×2 rule for dating Jason. I’ve read a lot about keeping your marriage strong when you start to have kids and heard about the 2x2x2 rule when it comes to dating your spouse. It means, without the kid(s), go on a date every 2 weeks,  overnight every 2 months, and vacation every 2 years. Since we are just working on this year, ours will be the 2×2 rule.

5. Learn to sew. This really needs to happen. Not sure if I’ll take a class, which would probably the best option, or just teach myself but there’s so much I could do if I knew how to sew!

6. Return to pre-baby workouts and eating habits. In a few weeks I’ll be posting my post-baby workout goals so be sure to keep an eye out for that. As far as eating habits, I was not necessarily kind to my body when it comes to my eating during pregnancy. I’m really looking forward to getting my motivation and self-control back to help get us back to eating Paleo (plus whatever non-paleo foods are ideal for nursing). Healthy mama & daddy = healthy baby!


My list this year is taking a bit of a different turn. This year I want to work on building healthy, helpful, and productive habits. Did you know that it takes 21 days to build a new habit? Instead of looking at the year as a whole, I decided to build a new habit each new month [and each are daily tasks] to see what sticks and what doesn’t.

1. January – Keep the house consistently clean. I spent a lot of time the past 2 weeks cleaning and organizing. Can it stay this way for more than 2 weeks? Let’s do this!

2. February – Use the gym at work.

3. March – Be in bed by 10pm and up by 6am.

4. April – Write a unique note, email, or message to someone I love. This habit stems from an item that I had added to my 2014 list and felt I didn’t quite achieve. Let’s give it another go.

5. May – Select one thing from my home that can be donated. All month I’ll collect something new and at the end of the month I’ll make one big donation.

6. June – Drink 64 ounces of water. With the start of summer and humidity just around the corner, why not up my hydration game.

7. July – Reach out and show appreciation to a colleague. I’m very fortunate to get to work with really great people all around the globe. I’m pretty good at showing appreciation, but I could be better at doing it more frequently.

8. August – Perform one good or charitable task. I’ll have to plan well for this month, but I would like to donate time, or money, or something else creative to one different charity each day.

9. September – Keep a daily blessing log. It’s my birthday month! Not only will I be happy that I made it another year, but why not document my blessings.

10. October – Read for 30 minutes. This time of year gets a little tougher on me when it comes to reading consistently and yet I love reading so much! Let’s see if I can remedy this.

11. November – Use mouth wash. This is either a) weird or b) too much information, but I’m not a daily mouth wash user because quite honestly, I don’t like mouthwash. I’d like to remedy my own aversion.

12. December – Post a photo to Instagram. Maybe I could find a neat challenge, or maybe make my own! Stay posted.

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