Have a harmonious week.


Hey y’all, welcome to February! I’ve decided that January is my least favorite month, and with Blue Monday falling on the 20th this year, I felt it. The days are long, cold, and everyone’s down attitudes are contagious. Not only that, but towards the end of January people discover whether or not they will keep on with their New Year’s Resolutions, or bucket lists in our case. While I haven’t struggled with mine, I have been struggling with finding and keeping harmony in my unbalanced life as of late.

With the addition of a new member into our growing family I’ve had to greatly adjust my schedule. The things I used to do in leisure must be planned out [showers, reading, shopping, workouts]. I now need to be mindful of someone else’s schedule. I now wake up earlier to feed and play, and I’ll need to make sure I’m not at work until 8 at night. Last night going out with Annie I had to think everything through as far as feeding, potty breaks, and making sure the little one was tuckered enough to sleep in his crate until the hubby got home while I was away.

As I’ve been struggling to find harmony and balance in a new routine, it has made me question my end goal: family. I’ve questioned, “Crystal if you are having difficulty finding balance with a puppy, work, self, home, and relationships what makes you think adding babies is such a great idea?” And having to question that makes me really depressed which is why this week I’m searching deep for an inner harmony. I know my end goal is not different, or has not changed, and I know I am only questioning because I want to give my best to absolutely everything that I do.

I want to be superwoman.

So this week I take off my pity pants, keep trekking away at balancing out my new routine, and keep finding joy in all life’s blessings. When it boils down to it, that’s what all this is anyways, learning to find harmony and balance a slew of blessings.

I hope I find my harmony this week, and that you find yours [if it appears to be missing]. xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


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