An International Women’s Day Dream

IMG_0612.JPGThis past Sunday was International Women’s Day, so happy belated Women’s Day to our fabulous, strong, and fierce female readers from around the world!

I read about Misao Okawa from Japan who celebrated her 117th birthday last week. Damn, 117. My esteemed blogger colleague posted a great video via Facebook that noted how Okawa was born before women could vote, divorce, own a bank account, earn equal pay, work after marriage, be elected, hold religious office, etc. You know, all the things we likely take for granted every day. Continue reading

Weekly Rustlings

1This week, Carter turns 1 month! I’m slowly starting to feel like I have the hang of (some) things while I’m learning something new everyday also. This week I need to get into better habits, like waking up at a decent time, remembering to eat breakfast and lunch, and spending quality time with my to do list. I’m in the middle of taking the Blog Design Love class from A Beautiful Mess and LOVE it. Now, when I’m not working full time, I really want to spend my “free” time working on this class and other blog stuff because that’s what really makes me happy. I think this week it’s time to get back to that. Hope you remember what you love doing and get back to it this week! — Annie

Pick 6: Grown-Up School Supplies

Under the Oaks blog: Pick 6: Grown-Up School Supplies #backtoschool #deskorganization #schoolsupplies

Back to school time was always one of my favorite experiences of the year. It’s like opening a new notebook, so many pages of possibilities! Plus, we got to go shopping for brand new supplies and clothes and what’s not to get excited about there? Just because I’m not in school anymore doesn’t mean that I don’t get that same feeling every time the weather starts to get a little bit colder and the first leaves start changing colors. You can feel the excitement in the air everywhere and it’s hard to ignore.

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