2014 Bucket Lists

Under the Oaks blog: 2014 Bucket Lists

Our 2013 Bucket Lists taught us a lot throughout the year, like how our priorities can change over a short period of time, or how easy it can be to over-commit to a goal. Likely this year won’t be much different, every year is an opportunity to learn, grow, change, and do good, for yourself and for others.


I’ve decided that this year’s bucket list is going to be all about simplicity. It’s time to get offline, get organized, and create.

1. Learn to live more simply. This means realizing what material things I really need to live a fulfilled life and what in my life I can let fall to the waist side. Also, recognize what we are wasting money on and conquer those bad habits.

2. Bake more. I love baking. I love treating people to delicious, clever sweets. And I’d really love to learn how to do that in a healthier way.

3. Complete a painting. Can’t I just finish one?

4. Start a scrapbook. I’ve been seeing some cool scrapbooks around the web the past year and I’d love to make my own!

5. Learn everything about my camera inside and out. I love my iPhone’s camera and some of the gorgeous photos I’ve taken with it but my new Canon Rebel SL1 makes my heart melt. The major reason I got this camera was to learn how to shoot, and shoot well, in manual mode. I’m excited to learn!

6. Organize my photos. I feel like my life would be better organized if the 10,000 pictures I took in 2013 were organized as well.

7. Get on a regular yoga and meditation schedule. I love yoga but haven’t made it a priority. I must do that this year.

8. Fill our house with family photos. Currently we have no photos hanging on our walls. That’s mostly because we weren’t officially sure which walls were staying up but now that we have a pretty good idea of what our renovations will include, I think it’s time to get some of our favorite photos and artwork hung!

9. Do more for my husband to give thanks. For the majority of this year, my husband will be working very hard to renovate a good part of our house and I won’t be able to help with a lot of it. So I’ve decided to show him my gratitude by responding to his “love language”, Acts of Service. Whether it’s cook dinner more often or do a chore that he usually does, I hope it will show him how much I love and appreciate him and his determination to make our house a home.

10. Keep a weekly “Blessings Jar”.  I’ve always loved the idea of filling a jar with memories and going through them on New Years Eve. I have a feeling 2014 will be a great year to start this!


The majority of items from my 2013 Bucket List were items that I wanted to do to keep life fun and interesting; this year isn’t much different. Some items are repeat events, some are a version of a prior item, and some I thought would better engage me to my family, friends, and community. I had so much fun working on my list from last year and reveling in some of my successes, that I started thinking of this bucket list  before 2013 was even over! Without further adieu …

1. Take one photo every day. I’ll be posting to Instagram (follow @crystalzembal) using #potd2014.

2. Send a letter or postcard a week to someone I love or care for dearly. As a connoisseur of postcards and stationary, I figured committing to 52 mailings this year would be a good way to put my stock to use and bring a smile to someone’s face.

3. Select a space in my home to [re]organize every month. I already have a long list of spaces I want to tackle and often find myself over-committing, this is really to protect me and my sanity.

4. Schedule at least one date night every month with my husband.

5. Give back to the community once a month via item[s], monetary, or time donation.

6. Create a 2014 soundtrack by noting my favorite song every month. I did this for 2013 and had fun doing so!

7. Training Frankie 5 commands: come, heel, sit, stay, come. FYI, Frankie is our schnauzer.

8. Explore meditation. i.e. learn to better curb unnecessary anxiety.

9. Take a class and learn something new.

10. Travel somewhere I’ve never been.

Happy New Year! Do you have a bucket list for 2014?


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