Bucket List Updates, 6 Months In … 6 Months to Go

7788737430_fca447d3fc_zOkay ladies and gents, 6 months have passed since we all began thinking about how we could optimize our selves and our time with resolutions and bucket lists galore for 2013. When was the last time you thought about that? 6 months ago?

Well, you’ve only got 6 months to go (crazy). Get back to it, don’t give up … let our imperfections, failures, and successes inspire you. To see our original buckets lists you can read Crystal’s here and Annie’s here. The last review we did was 3 months ago, read Crystal’s update and Annie’s update. Without further ado …

Crystal’s Bucket List Updates …

1. Take at least one photo of myself every month. Well, I’m actually not sure. I think I’ve had my photo taken by other people … A’s pretty good at taking care of this for me!

2. Go somewhere I’ve never been stateside. Nashville! Read about it here and here, and maybe even over here.

3. Go somewhere I’ve never been overseas internationally. Traveling to Toronto in a couple of weeks!

4. Get a massage. YES – I got my very first “professional” massage a few weeks ago and it was amazing! I had a little anxiety prior, as I knew I would, but after getting over that initial fear I was delightfully impressed and look forward to the next one!

5. Buy only one pair of shoes this year: red-soled Christian Louboutins. Not yet, probably going to let this be a birthday or Christmas gift to myself.

6. Get a facial. Not yet, but I have been racking up some great recommendations from friends. After a successful massage experience I’m not as anxious.

7. Design a super fantastic outfit for the Lady Gaga concert that Annie and I are attending in 67 days. As you recall this is no-dice. However, as of last week the hubby and I are going to see Macklemore in November and so I’m officially changing this item to read as follows: Learn all the lyrics to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ album “The Heist” by November. I’ve already got Thrift Shop and White Walls … what can I say? Signs of a goal-driven adult.

8. Note my favorite song every month to make my own personal soundtrack for the year. YES! January – “Thrift Shop” (Macklemore), February – “Same Love” (Macklemore feat. Mary Lambert), March – “That Girl” (Justin Timberlake), April – “Patty Crash” (Nikki Jean), May – “Miracle Mile” (Cold War Kids), June – “Blurred Lines” (Robin Thicke feat. T.I. & Pharrell).

9. Make a trip once a month to Goodwill. … I have no response of success. Good news, A & I made bank with our garage sale a couple of weeks ago so I only have a *couple of things to bring in. Silver lining.

10. Visit, hike, and photograph some of the waterfalls in the Asheville area. Nope, saving this for the fall.

11. Discover my signature drink. Still testing the waters … err, alcohol. It’s a work in progress.

12. Get a puppy. Nope, but I believe our plan of attack is to aim for the end of the year. Why the procrastination? My company shuts down for the holidays and I’ll have about 2 weeks to housebreak a puppy.

13. Hug and kiss my husband once every day. My report on this item isn’t as positive as it was three months ago (but I love him just as much if not more). Some days go by and you wonder, did we … ?? And there were a couple of weeks were either of us were away from home. However, reinstated how important this is to me. Now THAT is what a bucket list is for!

… AND Annie’s Bucket List Updates!

1. Get healthy and stay healthy. Last update, I mentioned I was starting Jillian Michaels’ Ripped in 30… I wasn’t a workout DVD person then and I’m still not. I could make a ton of excuses but what good would that do? I have, however, managed to keep off the 7-8 lbs. lost from January. I deem that a success. We are also in the early stages of altering our diet to be more like the Paleo diet. We are going on the second full week now and I have some awesome updates for you guys. Keep an eye out for that over the next few weeks. AND we ordered Jason a mountain bike for his June birthday! I’m really excited about this because we can finally go riding together. He’s really excited about it too, which makes me even more excited!

2. Become financial stability or something quite close. So far, we have paid off almost $15,000 on our credit cards. I have to admit… that’s pretty incredible and I’m super proud of how far we’ve come! We’ve been putting some money toward the house and that makes the sacrificing worth it for me.

Crystal and Annie's bucket list updates! Cooking more on Under the Oaks blog #farmersmarketfinds #paleo

3. Cook more. Last update, I mentioned that we had to make it a point to go to the Farmer’s Market more and we have! We are finally getting into a routine on the weekends with shopping and prepping for the week. I really look forward to those days. Dinners are always reserved for the weekends, unless we are way too tired or one of us doesn’t get home until really late or we didn’t go grocery shopping during the weekend. Hasn’t happened too often though lately.

4. Grow a garden. Nope.

5. Learn to sew. Nope.

6. Write creatively. No. I just haven’t had any time lately… all my writing is for here!

7. Get more involved in finishing our house. Haha so the last update mentioned I’d be sharing some house reno stuff with you guys a few weeks later, and I did here, but not quite about renos. We are almost finished with the master closet so updates should be coming for that soon and I did lay out all our plans for the house here and that was a key post to bring you into the loop. You can also see a lot of what’s going on if you follow me on Instagram.

8. Less pinning, more doing. Somewhat yes. My sister and I started an Etsy store: Oak City Sisters Handmade and I’m pinning and DIYing a lot for there. I hope to post a tutorial soon for a few things.

9. Start an Etsy store filled with… something I haven’t created yet. See above!!

10. Give back. I am currently involved in a volunteer effort with work called CANstruction. It has been super involved and stressful but it’s for such a great cause. Basically, volunteers from my company have teamed up to build a giant structure out of canned food. Our structure is actually Yogi Bear! We will be building and displaying our Yogi on First Friday in Raleigh on August 2nd along with many other companies. The idea is to bring about awareness of increased food pantry needs during the summer when school is out and children aren’t getting free or reduced lunches during the day. The food pantries are in short supply during these months and need so much so hopefully we can help get the word our with our Yogi! If you’d like more info on CANstruction and where our Yogi will be, let me know. We are really excited to see it built!

How are you doing on your bucket lists?

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