The Best of Nashvegas

DSC00586Welcome to Nashvegas!

C’s post was an awesome recap of what our weekend was like. We had such a good time and I am definitely ready to go back! We crammed a lot into our short time there but I think we saw the best of what Nashville had to offer. I wanted to share some more info and pictures from some of my favorite moments of our trip.

The first set of pictures might only be interesting to those of you who watch American Pickers. JZ has gotten me interested into this show and it’s pretty amazing what they find. It also helps that they guys, Mike and Frank, are funny, charismatic, and honest (they have been known to offer more for an item that has been asked because it’s fair). JZ was super excited about going in and checking it all out. We even saw Mike’s brother and one of the girls on the show working. They aren’t actors, folks! Recognize anything?






Later that night we had drinks and dessert (s’mores!!) at The Patterson House. I was really excited to try this place because of the great reviews on Yelp!. Like Crystal said, there was a bit of a wait but it was so worth it. The drink I had was amazing and the s’mores really hit the spot. If there was a place like this in Raleigh, we would have date night there often. Quiet, dark corners everywhere!



Sunday we headed to the Country Music Hall of Fame. It was amazing to see the outfits, instruments, records, and Grammy’s of all my favorite country stars. It was pretty spectacular.


This is Elvis’ gold piano. For their first anniversary, Priscilla had Elvis’ 1928 Kimball grand piano refinished in 24-karat gold. Priscilla set the bar high for anniversary gifts…


Johnny Cash and two of his guitars. Oh. My.


This violin is quite possibly the most amazing violin I’ve ever seen. The caption card says, “Charlie Daniels performed ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia’ on this fiddle in the 1980 film Urban Cowboy.” So amazing to see this in person.


Taylor Swifts original “sparkle” guitar and the Jenny Packham dress she wore to the 2012 CMA Awards.


This is Miranda Lambert’s custom patchwork corset designed by The Blonds that she work during her performance of “Fastest Girl in Town” at the 2012 CMA Awards. It accompanies her pink guitar! LOVE her!


The Bluebird Cafe was such a highlight for our trip. We did go at the time that we were supposed to be seeing Gaga so I’m so glad it was as fantastic as it was. Sunday Spotlight was Carson Morton and his band. He played original Celtic songs, just in time for this weekend’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities! I am pretty Irish so this was an awesome treat for me. Writer’s Night did not disappoint either. We heard a few amazing singers and songwriters and a few good jokes along the way too. Among the singers, my favorites are as follows: Jordan Grassi, Sasha Aaron, and Hayley Dreis. Keep their names handy. You might hear them on your radio soon!


Jordan Grassi performing at The Bluebird Cafe


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