DIY Deck Renovation


As mentioned in Tuesday’s post (DIY Mason Jar Lanterns) my husband and I spent some time renovating our backyard deck over the weekend. We’ve been in our house for almost 8 years and haven’t taken full advantage of our backyard. We thought, what better way to kick off the first weekend of summer (unofficially) than to turn our deck into an oasis that encouraged us to spend some time outdoors. Oh, and the husband tempted me with a trip to Ikea so … that happened! Continue reading

Annie’s Renovation Reality: The Bedrooms

Under the Oaks blog: Renovation Reality: The Bedrooms #home #remodelAlmost a year ago, I wrote about the renovations we are doing to our house. I spoke about our hopes for last 4th of July weekend: building our deck. That actually still hasn’t happened but several other, more “important” (depending on who you ask!) tasks have been completed or are in the works!

We have 3 bedrooms and, after finishing the office, all of our storage got moved to the second (guest) bedroom where it lived for several months. The storage included all of Jason’s tools so a work space for small projects around the house was really nonexistent. The shed became high priority if anything else in the house was to get done. So we worked this winter to get that all done!

Under the Oaks blog: Renovation Reality: The Bedrooms #home #remodel #shedAfter cleaning out the second bedroom, Jason finished up the closet in there. The shared wall between the two small bedrooms is where each room’s closet is located. We had a chimney that was no longer in use so we opened up that wall, took out the chimney, and created more space for each closet. Pocket doors were installed for each, which is a huge space saver. He installed the ceiling fan, we painted, put up curtains, and moved our bedroom into our nice newly done room to start demo on the master suite. Although it’s not the master, the second bedroom is perfect for us and I love the warm color we put on the wall. I’m thinking about making that our new base color for the rest of the house!

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Have an accomplished week.

Brooks Running Shoes on Under the Oaks: Have an accomplished week.

The best decision I’ve made in this running journey… except, of course, the decision to start running!

 I apologize for the late posting today but Jason and I have been crazy busy this weekend getting the floor and all 4 sides installed on our shed! There is still a lot to do and we probably won’t see another unseasonably warm weekend again but we are feeling pretty accomplished.

But the main reason I’m feeling accomplished this week is that I am officially halfway through my 5k training! The program is a meant to be 8 weeks total but I’m giving myself a few extra weeks since the 5k I plan to run isn’t until April. Tomorrow is the start of my week 6. In this post a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was beginning and that I’d post more when I had an update. I’m not sure I’m ready to post much regarding it because I want to be sure I’m focusing on accomplishing this goal for me and for the right reasons. Running has already taught me so much and I’m excited to share all of that at some point but I want to get a little bit closer.

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