DIY: Dog Crate Cover

Under the Oaks : DIY Dog Crate CoverIn a couple of weeks we get to bring home our new Miniature Schnauzer puppy, Frankie. Since finding out that we would be bringing him home I’ve been in full-fledged puppy nesting mode. We’ve purchased the treats, the collar and tag, a ton of toys and a crate. Since both my husband and I work out of the home during the day it was best for our home (and the safety of our young dog) to be crated during our work hours, at least in the beginning (for short periods of time, lots of lunch time visits). When shopping for a crate I couldn’t bring myself to spend $500+ on a fancy piece of dog crate furniture so we ended up with a metal one (appropriately sized) that I knew I could spruce up with my intermediate sewing skills.

Under the Oaks blog: DIY Dog Crate Cover1) I started by picking out three fabrics and a regular density foam (1″ x 15″ x 17″). My plan was to have a cover that could cover the top and all sides completely, but roll up on the sides. I wanted a simple fabric on the outside, a plaid on the inside (because schnauzers need plaid), and I wanted to create little bumpers for the inside so Frankie could be comfy and cozy.

Under the Oaks blog: DIY Dog Crate Cover2) Then I drew out my plans. I started by sketching what I was looking for, and then drawing each size and adding dimensions (adding a full inch to each cut side so I could sew a half-inch at all connecting pieces).

3) Based on my sketch I cut out each panel (4 sides, 1 top) out of both the plaid and linen. I sewed each panel leaving the side that would connect to another panel open. I flipped each panel inside out, ironed, and connected the pieces, sewing so the plaid would face the inside of the crate.

Under the Oaks blog: DIY Dog Crate Cover4) For the bumpers I sewed them similar to a pillow case leaving one side open, flipped them inside out, stuffed the cut foam inside, and closed. Before stuffing I also stitched a ribbon to the backs so could tie them to the inside of the crate.

Under the Oaks blog: DIY Dog Crate Cover5) My final touch was sewing on two buttons onto the crate cover, above the crate door. This way I could create two simple latches, roll up the door cover (so you can see the pretty plaid), and latch. When we are home it isn’t likely that Frankie will be crated, but we know he’ll associate it as his bed so this we he can easily pop in and out for a snooze.

Good News: Alexander loves it. Bad News: He thinks it’s for him so we have to keep it closed until Frankie arrives because I’m pretty sure he’d take over if we didn’t.

Under the Oaks blog: DIY Dog Crate Cover

Do you have any dog crating tips to offer? All new puppy advice is appreciate! xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


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