Blog Year One: A Recap!

Under the Oaks blog: Blog Year One: A Recap!

In December, we officially celebrated our first year anniversary as Under the Oaks! Today, we’re recapping your favorites and our favorites of the year.

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Upstate New York : Corning + Seneca Lake Wineries

Under the Oaks blog: Upstate New York : Corning + Seneca Lake Wineries #fingerlakeswinecountry

Happy Thursday! I am more happy than ever to see the weekend up ahead. It has been a long but good week back home and, even though we will spend most of our weekend cleaning and landscaping, I’m so ready for the weekend. We got in late Sunday and it has pretty much been non-stop since.

I’m really excited to share some trip photos with you! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen some of these already since I went a little instanuts on the trip. I just couldn’t help it! Upstate is so beautiful this time of year.

This post is pretty much about the first half our our week. We spent most of the days at my mom’s in Corning and a day at some of the Seneca Lake wineries. ¬†While home, Jason and I decided we wanted to work on my mom’s basement. At the end of the week we are about halfway done with the remodel but it’s livable and 1,000x better than what it was. We cleared out a lot of junk, which was probably more difficult for me than her since most of it was my childhood things I left behind, but it was incredibly necessary.

We spent our vacation working hard…

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Dreaming of… Upstate New York

Under the Oaks blog: Dreaming of... Upstate New York #madewithover

Upstate New York is home to me. I grew up there and left after high school to move to NC for college. It’s funny that my appreciation and love for Upstate has grown since leaving. I always knew it was an absolutely beautiful place to be [in the summer] but never knew how much I would miss it when I was gone. I would love to have a lake house and spend my summers there and have all my friends from NC come up and visit and fall in love, too. But for now, I go to visit my mom and relive my youth by taking Jason to some of my favorite places. Here are some pictures from previous trips and a little sneak peak of some of the things I’ll be doing all next week on vacation!

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