Reflecting on 28 and Making 29 Count

Under the Oaks blog : Reflecting on 28 and Making 29 Count

In two days I will leave 28 behind forever and set my focus on 29, the last chance to make my 20s count for something great. So far I’ve been pleased with the way I’ve handled the harsh 20s; so much change, so much growth … but I think I’ll save that reflection for next year. Year 28 alone was filled with its share if change and growth, but most importantly I really got to know this individual named Me.

In honor of my birthday and my **simpatico relationship with “7” here are my 7 Reflections for 28:

1) My mother got remarried to a really great guy. I didn’t really know how much it would mean to me, but it really did to see my mother finally that happy.

2) If someone says they are self-aware it is likely they are only partially self-aware. I distinctively remember describing myself as self-aware early in the year and was proved wrong. I discovered so many interesting things about the way my mind, body, and soul work that I feel more self-aware, but now understand that you can never be fully aware. I take pleasure in knowing that I get to know myself a little bit more for another year, and hopefully many more to come! Continue reading