Friday Surf Report: Annie’s Birthday Wishlist


(coral // mint // charleston // canon // imac)

So it’s my birthday tomorrow and this year I probably won’t be treating myself to a birthday present since we are trying to get our finances in order but that definitely doesn’t stop me from putting together my birthday wishlist. There are a lot of high dollar items on it because, well, it’s a wishlist and it’s my birthday and I can be over the top if I want to.

Per the usual, it includes some clothes because it is the start of spring and my closet [badly] needs an update. I’d love to infuse my closet with these amazing colorful dresses from Love21, Forever21’s more grown-up and professional side. My list also includes some “of the moment” needs and wants, like a beginner’s camera, something I can learn on. This Canon Rebel is a bit more automatic than I’d like but it’s at a decent price point. I’d like to get more creative with the pictures that I post here on the blog and I also have a lot of creative ideas brewing and I feel that a camera is my next must-have to nurture those ideas so they can flourish. Along the same lines, I’d love a 27″ iMac. Right now I have a small laptop but I have 2 screens at work and it’s hard to work on such a small screen when I get home. I don’t believe in paying full price for anything Apple so I’d have to find a hand-me-down or older version since they just came out with a new design. JZ and I desperately need a weekend away from Raleigh. We have never been to Charleston together and the weather is beautiful right now so I think it would be the perfect time to go. Whether we went to Charleston or not, we could always take a short break from life with a couples massage. We have been working to get some outdoor projects taken care of (more about this in a later post) and have gotten all the aches and pains that go with it. The last time and only time we ever did a massage together was on our honeymoon… 6 months ago. I think it’s time.

Do you have a birthday wishlist? What’s on it this year?