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Aside from baby stuff, my focus this month has been fitness. Turning 30 is knocking on the door and getting back into shape is high priority right now. I will also be signing up for my first 10k in October! Getting back on my running schedule makes me happy! So here’s what I’ve been up to lately…

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runningmagsWhen I started running a year ago, I discovered Women’s Running magazine and fell in love. Whatever issue that first one was, was the only magazine I’ve ever read front to back the first time I picked it up. There was a ton of inspiration and it really helped fuel my need to run. I bought the latest Runner’s World and it has some great articles this issue. So happy to have both of these to help me find my stride again.

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playlistI couldn’t get through my runs without this playlist that I’ve been compiling since the beginning. I usually stick it on shuffle and zone out.

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PB_Logo_RedYesterday, I went to my first class at Pure Barre in Raleigh. Twenty minutes in and I wanted to die. At the end, I was ready to sign up for my next one! It’s incredibly challenging and am positive I’d see results after just a month of sticking to it. I can see why it’s been such a craze.

What have you been up to lately? –Annie


Road Trippin’


In just a week and a half Annie, her hubby, and I will embark on our journey across North Carolina into Tennessee. Not only will we be crossing state lines, but we will also be crossing time zones. Now, that is what I call a serious road trip. I look forward to seeing the beauty that is the Appalachian Mountains and traveling somewhere I’ve never been before, all while enjoying the company of good friends. However, the idea of being cooped up in a car for 8 hours? No offense A, but even your New York-isms aren’t going to keep me entertained.

Annie did a lot of preparation in planning for our time spent in Nashville, so I thought I’d return the favor by planning for the time spent getting to and from Nashville. I know the idea of a road trip is getting from point A to point B, but who says you can’t have a little fun? One of my favorite movie moments is in Elizabethtown when Kirsten Dunst’s character, Claire, puts together an entire cross-country road trip kit for Orlando Bloom’s character, Drew. It includes what music to listen to and where to stop, including great restaurants and landmarks. While my road trip agenda won’t be as carefully planned out, I thought my list of road trip tools could help y’all out in your very own road trip endeavors. Continue reading