International Youth Day

IMG_3102.JPGHappy International Youth Day, friends! Today is the day you can celebrate the joys of being a youth, or celebrate the joys of having made it out alive. Either way, happy day!

In honor of the day here are  some of the silliest memories from my youth: Continue reading

Have a memorable week.

IMG_2211EDITEDI am currently coming to you a few hours behind my normal Eastern time schedule to wish you a memorable week! This week is very personal to me for a few reasons. We are here in Denver celebrating wonderful new beginnings with the beautiful wedding last night of a dear friend of mine, creating amazing memories together as a couple exploring a part of the country neither of us has been do, and remembering the life of a woman who will always remain one of the most important people in my life, my grandmother. This Saturday will be one year since we lost her and celebrating her memory while away this week is very important to me.

Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in everyday life that we let days or weeks pass us by while doing the same old routine. Whether you’re traveling or at home having a regular week, take time to create a new memory or two for yourself, your relationship, or your family. This first full week of May is a great time to start a monthly tradition. Create a dinner date night, family game night, visit a part of your city you haven’t been to yet or revisit a past landmark you’ve always loved. Make plans then carry them out and document your new memory. Create the experience in your life you’ll always want to remember. And enjoy every minute of it!

And since both Crystal and I are traveling this week, we have some awesome guest bloggers celebrating Raleigh on the blog this week! We hope you enjoy reading and getting to know these ladies as much as we have!

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3rd Anniversary: Turning Gifts into Experiences

20140430-215815.jpgAs I get older I value experiences more than gifts. Creating an experience means you’ve spent time thinking about your significant other enough to want to create a new memory with them and I think that is pretty special to anyone. This week my husband and I celebrated 3 years of wedded bliss and made our own memories. Below are some ideas I’ve thought of where you could incorporate a traditional leather anniversary gift, but turn it into a special experience instead of something that gets stuffed in the back of the closet, or hidden away in a drawer. Continue reading