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Aside from baby stuff, my focus this month has been fitness. Turning 30 is knocking on the door and getting back into shape is high priority right now. I will also be signing up for my first 10k in October! Getting back on my running schedule makes me happy! So here’s what I’ve been up to lately…

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runningmagsWhen I started running a year ago, I discovered Women’s Running magazine and fell in love. Whatever issue that first one was, was the only magazine I’ve ever read front to back the first time I picked it up. There was a ton of inspiration and it really helped fuel my need to run. I bought the latest Runner’s World and it has some great articles this issue. So happy to have both of these to help me find my stride again.

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playlistI couldn’t get through my runs without this playlist that I’ve been compiling since the beginning. I usually stick it on shuffle and zone out.

.. doing ..

PB_Logo_RedYesterday, I went to my first class at Pure Barre in Raleigh. Twenty minutes in and I wanted to die. At the end, I was ready to sign up for my next one! It’s incredibly challenging and am positive I’d see results after just a month of sticking to it. I can see why it’s been such a craze.

What have you been up to lately? –Annie


Under the Oaks Guilty Pleasures

Happy Fat Tuesday! Since today is all about indulgences, we decided to share our favorite guilty pleasures with y’all!

20140302-183912.jpgGuilty Pleasure #1 : A Sale

A clearance rack, a coupon, after Christmas specials, Goodwill, thrifting – I’m all about it. There is something about paying close to nothing for something that I want that makes me feel as though I could accomplish anything. If I put as much energy into saving my money as I put into finding a great sale I would probably be a couple of dollars better off.

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Have a lazy week.


Today is all about the lazy for me. The last couple of days we’ve been on the go and out in the North Carolina/Virginia heat and humidity. The list of things I should be doing is endless, absolutely endless. While A and I are often encouraging and writing about doing our best and being productive young women, today I encourage laziness.

Take today, or an evening this week, and forget your list. Catch up on your reading, do a little pampering, and find some time to indulge in a good movie or show. Do something that gives your mind, body, and soul a good rest and refresh. Continue reading