Have a celebratory week.


Birthday flowers from my wonderful husband!

This post sort of encompasses more than just this week coming up. As you all know from reading my Friday Surf Report that it was my birthday yesterday so I have been celebrating all weekend. Yesterday also marked six months since the husband and I said “I do”, tomorrow is Earth Day, which is awesome, and then next weekend is Crystal and her husband’s wedding anniversary! Lots of things to celebrate around the beginning of spring and I’ve always felt super blessed to have my birthday happen during such a beautiful time of the year.

This week, if it’s just an “ordinary” week for you, why not celebrate something? This list of unique holidays for the month of April has something for everyone. Eat jelly beans, pretzels, and pigs in blankets, hug a plumber and an Australian, all whilst speaking like Shakespeare! Or you can just make it simple and celebrate the beautiful weather coming our way. What will you celebrate this week?

– A