Mind Mapping for Creative Blocks

Mind Mapping2A few weeks ago I was listening to a recent After the Jump podcast with Katie Deedy of Grow House Grow. During the interview, she talked about finding inspiration and how she gets through creative blocks. If you’ve been reading the blog lately, you’ll know from some of my posts (especially this one) that I’ve had the worst creative block I think I have ever had and I just can’t seem to bust through. One of the methods she mentions using often are mind maps. She uses beach for example and names off some things that remind her of the beach: sand, water, salt. Then she picks out salt and from there says Himalayas. After trying to do a few basic mind maps, I really believe that it takes practice because I find her ability to link beach, salt, Himalayas so quickly astounding! Maybe (hopefully) that’s just the creative block speaking Continue reading

Have a motivating week.

Under the Oaks blog: Have a motivating week.This morning has kind of hit me pretty hard. I’ve been in a pretty big creative slump for a while now and have tried, unsuccessfully, to snap myself out of it. It seems like the more I try to push the inspiration by using the typical outlets, Pinterest, Instagram, organizing my office,¬†purging the rest of the house,¬†flipping through old magazine tear-outs, reworking my inspiration board, reading a book, the more uninspired and overwhelmed I become. My brain needs a reset button today more than ever. Or a vacation.

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Spring Organizing Dilemma

Under the Oaks : Spring Organizing Dilemma

Spring has sprung! We mention spring so often in our posts that you’d think the only thing we did around here was wish for spring [only partially true]. While I’m not particularly in the mood for spring cleaning, I am in the mood for an organization project which is great seeing as it is my #3 item from my 2014 Bucket List: Select a space in my home to [re]organize every month.

However, I have a dilemma [imagine that], I cannot decide which space I would like to tackle for the month of April: the front hall shoe closet or our garage. You may ask, why not do both? Because my friends, I’ve been stripped of my superwoman cape and for the sake of my sanity must only select one project this month. Continue reading